About the brand

Founded in 2021, on the 16th arrondissement in Paris, The Leisure Club emerged as a celebration of the leisurely lifestyle. We draw inspiration from the grace of vintage sportswear, the elegance of tennis, and the joy of summers spent on the Mediterranean, fusing these elements to create distinctive and alluring collections.

Beyond fashion, we want to be a symbol of aspiration and freedom, embracing the vision of an effortless yet glamorous life. We strive to inspire individuals to savor the beauty of life's simple moments and pursue their passions with a sense of ease and grace.

We prioritize ethical practices, from sourcing materials to manufacturing. To reduce our environmental impact and support fair labor, we produce in low quantities, and use, in all our collections, mainly eco-friendly materials, such as GOTS certified Organic Cotton and Recycled polyester.

 Leisure is an art that we cultivate with passion. We celebrate the moments of relaxation and indulgence, recognizing that true luxury lies in savoring life's simple pleasures. The Leisure Club is an embodiment of the off-duty lifestyle - a fusion of relaxation and glamour that embraces both the extraordinary and the everyday.


"The Leisure Club is not just a brand; it's a statement of who you are

and what you aspire to be."



Founder & Creative Director